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All Workshops by Inbal & Zlatin

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The Matter Of The Fact: An Improvised Theatre Play with Inbal Lori

12 hours  

23-24 September - Saturday/Sunday

10:30 - 17:30

Subtext with Inbal Lori

6 hours  

22 September - Friday

10:30 - 17:30

All Workshops
Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Descriptions

The Matter Of The Fact: An Improvised Theatre Play  - 12 hours with Inbal Lori

This format explores different duo relationships around one common theme. Each duo is equipped with 3 powerful acting tools which they can explore as their scene unfolded: Objective, Obstacle and Misanscene.

During the workshop I will introduce you to those three powerful tools of theatrical acting so you could then create rich, powerful scenes with your partners.


Our aim is to find the heart of the scene led by the wishes and fears of the characters, also known as the Objective and the Obstacle.

Those tools make every word matter and every offer is moving the scene forward.  Combined with Misanscene tool we will experience the stage as the theatrical  three dimensional space that it is. We will be looking at style, tempo, clarity and movement which allow  stories to introduce themselves to us. We will enjoy the benefits of good grounded improvised acting and intense duo dynamics.

Subtext - 6 hours with Inbal

(An underline meaning which is implied rather than explicitly stated in a text)


6 hours workshop on one of the most powerful tools of acting.


We all use subtext without realizing it all the time, but when we explore this as a theatrical tool, we can use it as the improviser's super power.


How do we say more with less?


How do we make anything mean something? how do we find the heart of the scene and discover the story effortlessly by coloring our words with intention.



Doris Likes Everything

Acting is reacting. 

This grounded show is based on the professional acting background of the improvisers and will be an emotional and real improv experience. 

It focuses on the true and slow discoveries of both characters and plot. 

Workshops will have an emphasis on acting techniques and truthful stage presence. 


Inbal Lori is a graduate of Jerusalem art high school 1994 and Nisan Nativ acting studio (2000).

Since then she has been writing and acting for television and theatre. She has won prizes and scholarships.

She’s improvising since 2001 and performed in Tel Aviv with her group 3FALLING.


In 2013 Inbal opened an improv school in Tel Aviv called “IMPRO TLV” with improviser Rod Ben Ze’ev.

Since moving to Berlin, she is performing and teaching regularly all over Europe.


Zlatin Tsvetkov is the founder of ShiZi Improv Theater - Sofia's premiere improv company. 


He directs and performs in numerous shows, his favorite being a Shakespeare style show. He has studied improv around the world and has created the 2 year program for the ShiZi Improv Training center. 

He is so busy organizing this festival, that he has no time to write more about himself. 

Maybe one of these days...

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