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** Check out the calendar of the event with all the workshops.

Improvising Science Fiction with Chris Mead

12 hours  

20-21 September - Wednesday / Thursday

10:30 - 17:30

All Workshops

Character Creation with Emily 

6 hours 

23 September - Saturday
10:30 - 17:30

Acting Skills with Emily

6 hours  

24 September - Sunday

10:30 - 17:30

Narrative Structure with Emily 

3 hours 

21 September - Thursday
14:30 - 17:30


Talking Heads with Chris

3 hours 

22 September - Friday
10:30 - 13:30

Workshop Descriptions

Improvising Science Fiction - 12 hours with Chris Mead

Chris has improvised hundreds of hours of science fiction.

The techniques in this workshop are inspired by that genre but are applicable to a wide variety of styles and genres of improvisation.

They can be divided roughly into the following areas: SPACE, TIME, HUMANS and FORM.


In this workshop you will learn how to bottle the wide variety of tools, styles and themes science fiction provides and how to use them in your improvisation.


  • SPACE: Playing with physicality, movement and your position on stage.


  • TIME: Playing with story-telling, flashback, narrative and even a spot of time-travel.


  • HUMANS: Playing with relationship, connection, characterisation and authenticity.


  • FORM: Show structures for science fiction shows.

Workshop Descriptions

Character Creation - 6 hours with Emily 

The best improv comes from who we are, but who wants to play themselves in every scene? (Unless you’re Ethan Hawke… He can do no wrong.)


Emily is known for playing big, fun, believable characters.


Using yourself as a base (cos you’re brilliant), she’ll give you the tools to create amazing characters using a very specific set of skills: physicality, voice, emotion and objectives.


Small choices off-stage can create HUGE changes and characters on stage.

Acting Skills - 6 hours with Emily

As well as being an accomplished and experienced improviser, Emily has been performing on stage and screen for over 20 years.


This is the crossover episode for any improviser who has ever wanted to be a better actor.


Think of it as Acting Skills 101: The Improvisers’ Edition.

Narrative Structure - 3 hours with Emily 

Almost all television episodes can be broken into a particular format, whether that’s science fiction or a sitcom.


Using the Harold format as a base, see how you can weave plot points and stories from separate relationships and bring them together to a (hopefully) satisfying series finale.


Find the important characters, who to follow, and where to lead the story.

Talking Heads - 3 hours with Chris

The option to cut away to a talking heads interview-style scene has been used extensively in recent comedy shows such as *The Office, Parks & Recreation, Modern Family* and *What We Do In The Shadows*, as well as such classic films as *This is Spinal Tap, Best in Show* and *A Mighty Wind*.


Learning how to improvise these interview scenes helps us find better characters, deeper relationships and a real sense of flow and play.


They are also incredibly entertaining to perform, allowing you to tap into your own sense of delight and connection with your scene partner. This workshop will give you all the tools you need to create gentle, heart-warming comedy with nothing but two chairs and another improviser.




The science fiction genre presents incredible worlds filled with space travel, robots, laser beams and giant worms. It tells stories of great heroes and villains, colossal battles of good vs evil. But what about the ordinary denizens of these extraordinary worlds? Goosehead seeks to introduce us to these everyday heroes. The little stories in the margins of the space operas. Catch up with a tribe of sand people at a family BBQ or see how a first date goes in Atlantis. Even a pan-galactic space wizard needs to wash her socks sometimes.


Chris Mead is an improviser, writer and creator who lives in the beautiful Surrey Hills with his wife, Laura & Cavapoo dog-pal, Radio.


His focus is on emotionally-connected, relationship-driven improv. He is lucky enough to teach and perform all over the world.


Chris studied theatre at the prestigious Royal Holloway college and continues to explore improv with every school, theatre and practitioner he can find.


❤️: improv, Doctor Who, tea


😡: injustice, tyranny, coffee


Emily trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She is an actress, improviser, writer and director and she’s done all of these for Guinness World Record holding comedy show NewsRevue.


For around 8 years she was part of the team behind award-winning, sell-out, Edinburgh Fringe staple, Shakespeare for Breakfast. She’s recently spent a lot of time devising and performing in immersive shows Echoes (Colab Theatre), War Of The Worlds (Layered Reality) and Phantom Peak (League of Adventure).


Other credits include Call The Midwife, and new musicals Around The World in Eighty Days and H.R. Haitch. She also improvises with Notflix: The Improvised Musical.


For more professional information and to discover what random charity shop find she’s proud of this week, follow her on social media: @emjkerr.

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