The focus of this workshop will be bringing the power of emotional depth and point of view to your improvised Characters and Scenes. We’ll work with understanding the vital differences in Playing for Truth and Playing for Funny & Short Form/Games vs. Long Form. I’ll include personal feedback and ideas for things that you can play with, going forward as new tools on your improv tool belt. I’ll also spend some time troubleshooting issues that YOU the improvisers bring to workshop in order to get to clarity or just recognize patterns to be broken. This workshop will perfectly augment ongoing study of Characters and Scene, Long & Short Form Improvisation, as well as benefit the Improviser that is currently performing or aspiring to perform with a team or group. Limit: 16 participants. Duration: 3 hours. Cost: 30 €



Improv is rarely a solo endeavor. This workshop will focus on how you can become the best possible partner your teammates could imagine. Games and exercises showing how to listen to what your partner really wants, and turn them into a rockstar. If we’re all doing this for each other, we’re a team of rockstars and we all win! Limit: 16 participants. Duration: 3 hours. Cost: 30 €



This workshop will cover a variety of topics. Argument scenes make up too high a percentage of the scenes we present onstage, more than we need. Improvisors rely on them because it feels like ‘something’ is happening and feels less scary than creating something from nothing. In this workshop we will do some exercises to break the habit of arguments; practice roles we can fill other than “person-with-whom-to-argue”; and practice and analyze scenes that feature a conflict with something other than your scene partner. The application to your work will be a series of filters with which to approach a scene, and ways to break out of an argument. Additionally this workshop will cover the idea of Truth & Beauty and Realistic Characters. Jill Bernard will take you through a series of exercises that inject your work with a little bit of truth and beauty. Having the ability to create improv that is honest and vulnerable adds another layer to your work, a little bit of cake underneath your frosting to take your work from light entertainment to something with resonance. Having the ability to create improv that is honest and vulnerable adds another layer to your work, a little bit of cake underneath your frosting to take your work from light entertainment to something with resonance. In this module, we start with your true self as a completely valid and powerful launchpad to creating original improvisation. We will explore emotion as a driver. We will practice letting your relationship, and how your partner sees you, define your character. We will learn to trust assumptions in place of inventions. Duration: 20 hours (in 4 days) Cost: 150 €