Trent is an American who has been studying, performing and teaching improv for over 15 years. Armed with a  BA in Theatre Arts from Kalamazoo College, Trent spent 4 years in Chicago, where he completed the improv programs at The Second City Conservatory, The Second City Music Program, the iO Theatre Training Center, and also trained at ComedySportz Chicago.

Trent currently lives and works in Tampere, Finland, where he teaches, produces and performs professionally. Since moving to Finland in 2010, Trent earned a second BA in International Media Production, and recently earned an MA in Screenwriting. 

Trent performs with a variety of players and teams locally and across the world. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Finland International Improv Festival, and makes his living teaching improv to established improvisers, beginners, and as a consulting tool through Applied Improvisation.

Trent teaches improv classes weekly through his own training center The improvAcademy, as well as public and private workshops internationally, inspiring teams and players throughout Finland and across the world, including Austria, Belgium, England, Estonia, Germany, Israel, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain, and more. 

Trent’s approach to teaching and performing combines his Theatre background with his experiences from performing in Chicago, and adapts them to serve the European improv community. He is playful, energetic, and incredibly supportive in the classroom, on the stage, and at home. 


All sessions by Trent Pancy:

10:30- 13:30 
Emotional Integrity
3 hours 

27 September - Thursday

14:30- 17:30

Improvise Like a Screenwriter

3 hours 

28 September - Friday

14:30- 17:30

Yes Yourself

3 hours 

29 September - Saturday

Workshops Description:


You can’t fake your emotions. Everything you feel is encoded in your face, your body, and in your voice. If we can hold ourselves (and our scene partners) accountable for their emotional language, we open ourselves up to an easier way to connect to one another and bring our audience into our world.

Rather than wasting time thinking about what we should say, we should be listening and paying attention to our emotional language. This workshop uses exercises to help us tune in to our scene partner’s tone, body language, and emotional state, taking us out of our heads and into our hearts, and bringing our audience along with us.


It is said that there are only 7 basic plots that can ever be told. If that is the case, then why do we keep making, and telling, stories? It is because we care about the characters in the story more than the story itself. Screenwriters have a handful of tricks they can use to quickly engage their quickly audience, manipulate their emotions, and tell a great story while doing so.

This workshop explores the tools writers use to captivate their audiences and tell great stories, and packages them up for the improv stage. By understanding how these tools work, we can make our scenes, characters, and stories more interesting, more watchable, and way more fun.

YES YOURSELF - 3 hours


Strong scenes are built on strong choices. This workshop is designed to force improvisers to take care of themselves as a way taking care of others, giving you tools that will help you develop the skills necessary to create strong characters at the top of a scene, and then filter the entire scene through your character’s unique point of view.

We will learn what makes Chicago Improv so unique, and how to emulate the slow, patient, relationship-based scenes that make Chicago Style Improv so enjoyable to perform and to watch.