Jochem Meijer is a 41 year old improviser from Amsterdam.


He has been improvising since he was 21. For over 19 years he has made his work of teaching various improv troupes, schools and companies within the Netherlands and Europe.


He performs every week with his troupe Easylaughs in Amsterdam and is part of various specialized groups.


Also he is part of the artistic committee of the impro festival in amsterdam (IMPRO Amsterdam).


He loves making people click with each other and focuses on getting the group to a higher level. In his workshops he dominantly focuses on learning trough doing, not talking. So don't expect to be sitting down in long discussions but to get moving and playing.


All sessions by Jochem Meyer:

14:30- 17:30 
Less is More
3 hours 

25 September - Tuesday

10:30- 13:30

Scene Skills

3 hours 

26 September - Wednesday

14:30 - 17:30

Quentin Tarantino

3 hours 

28 September - Friday

Workshops Description:

Less is more - 3 hours

In this workshop we will focus on what is already there by doing as little as possible in scenes. The less you do, the more important stuff becomes that does happen. It's hard to keep all the balls in the air, so just find that one ball that is there at the beginning. No more explanation needed here.


Scene Skills - 3 hours

The goal of the workshop is to create good and meaningful scenes. Almost everybody has techniques that they are great at and some techniques that need some polishing. I will focus on skills that will make you and your scene partner shine on stage.  We will play open scenes and you will get plenty of individual feedback that will help you get everything out of your scenes. This workshop is not set in stone and will adept to you and your fellow participants. The exercises that we'll do will depend on what the group needs at that moment.


Quentin Tarantino - 3 hours

This Workshop will focus on the work of Quentin Tarantino.

We will work on the style elements that make scenes looks like Tarantino wrote them. The monologues, the building of suspense, the characters, the way they move from location to location, the over the top violence. After this workshop you will be able to play improvised scenes that look like they could have come out of a Quentin Tarantino movie.