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All sessions by Jochem Meijer:

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The Tension Spam

6 hours  

7 September - Wednesday

10:30 - 17:30

Shifting Gears

6 hours  

8 September - Thursday

10:30 - 17:30

Foreign Tongues

3 hours  

9 September - Friday

10:30 - 13:30


3 hours  

9 September - Friday

14:30 - 17:30


6 hours 

10 September - Saturday
10:30 - 17:30

Workshops Description

The Tension Spam  - 6 hours

A scene where there is absolutely no tension is sometimes fun to watch, but the scene will become so much more interesting when you can create and release tension.

There are different ways of creating tension in scenes, and we will experiment with them all. A few of the elements that we will work with are

  • speed

  • distance 

  • touch and

  • eye contact

You will also get tips and tricks how to create tension between characters without it becoming awkward between the players.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to create and release tension so that the audience will sit on the edge of their seats.


Shifting Gears - 6 hours

Improvisational theater comes in many forms, a lot of troupes specialize on a particular style.

Some will talk a lot during there scenes, others focus on silence in scenes, some groups love making small talk and others focus purely on the relationships between the characters.

What would happen if you would change the style you are playing in in the middle of the scene? That is what you are going to discover in this workshop.


The goal is to shift styles and speeds during the scene. You will create dynamic scenes that can make small talk all of a sudden very important for the characters. They switch from talking heads into beautiful silent moments.


I will hand you an easy to remember system with which you can consciously switch back and forth between styles for the good of the scene.

Foreign Tongues - 3 hours

Playing in your native language is fun and save, you can say stuff in multiple ways and you can depend on your language skills to save you in difficult situations.


This workshop will focus on creating fun and engaging scenes in languages that are not your own. You will get tips and tricks how to play scenes in your 2-nd and 3-rd languages. We will also focus on playing scenes in your 4-th and 5-th languages. (languages that you know a few words and sentences in)  


And we will focus on languages that you know nothing about yet. We will change the disadvantage of not being fluent in a language to an advantage. After this workshop you will feel (even more) comfortable playing in languages that are not your own. And you will learn many new words.



Soundtrack - 3 hours

A lot of groups play with musicians to spice up the scene, who create underscore  for the players.

But what if there is no musician available, or you want something different then just the piano or guitar. In this workshop you will explore the possibilities of working with play-lists of music.

Let the music influence the characters, the scenes, the relationships. But also learn how to make montages, dances, edits and more all with the power of music. After this workshop you will be able to set down scenes with different uses of music. Let the beat control your body.

Deconstructed - 6 hours

Everything you do or say is worth being heard or seen, so make sure that everything that you do is heard or seen.

In this workshop we will focus on all the elements that make up a scene. We will identify them and give every element the focus it deserves.

We will deconstruct the scene and shine a light on every move, every line of dialogue, every emotion.

We will make the scene go slower, but more intense and interesting by doing just on thing at a time. It will be like taking all the ingredients from a cake and tasting them individually. Then eating the finished cake and being able to identify all the ingredients.

O.K. now I’m hungry, cake anyone?


Jochem Meijer is an improviser from Amsterdam.


In his workshops he focuses on learning trough doing. So don't expect to be sitting down in long discussions but to get moving and playing when you take a workshop with him.

He started improv in 1999, so he can and will say he has got over 2 centuries worth of experience.

He has made his work of teaching various improv troupes, schools and companies within the Netherlands and Europe. He is part of various specialized improv groups.


In his free time he is trying to insert his improv skills into the online gaming world, ask him about it and he will explain in depth what that means. (so be aware)


He loves making people click with each other and focuses on getting the group to a higher level.

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