Jeremie Day-Glider is a visual artist who worked behind the scenes in theatre, film, and television for over 25 years in the United States before discovering the joy of improv in Barcelona, Spain. She studied at a visual & performing arts magnet high school, stage managed theatre productions in college while earning a bachelor of fine art, worked at a production company in Hollywood wearing both executive assistant and development hats, taught technical theatre to and directed plays and musicals for high school students in Maine, and co-owned a video production company for 6 years there, before coming to Europe in 2007. 

Since joining BIG in 2012, she has performed with BIG at festivals around Europe and has studied with many of the world’s most renowned improv teachers. She has been teaching weekly classes with BIG since 2015, and co-developed the current BIG curriculum designed to teach students how to play with joy and commitment to one another.

Jeremie believes that improv, at its base, is a philosophy of honest and clear communication. She is passionate about commitment to real emotions from the heart, big, bold characters, facing fear, and embracing joy onstage.  Improv requires us to commit fully to being present, leaving behind our inner critic. When everything is accepted, failure becomes a tool or a toy, rather than something to avoid at all costs.  When we are present and available, and really listening to our own intuition, we are able to write, direct, perform, and edit in the moment, all at the infinite speed of creation. 

All sessions by Jeremie Day-Glider :

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14:30 - 17:30
The I in Team

3 hours  

28 September - Saturday

10:30 - 13:30  
Intimacy and Relationship

3 hours

25 September - Wednesday

Workshops Description:

The I in Team

By trusting and celebrating our teammates’ ideas, we free ourselves to participate fully as performers in mind, body, and spirit, toward a common goal of a positive, unified performance. This is the “I” in Improv and in Team. This workshop will strengthen your creative team play and solidify confidence in your innate abilities as an improviser. We will work on focus, listening, and agreement, while supporting and creating strong ideas together through character, emotion, physicality, and relationships. 

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

SOLD OUT Intimacy and Relationship


How often do we stand onstage and talk at one another rather than having an experience together? Or, we shy away from moments of connection and sharing, because we are afraid that the moment might go too far into areas where we might be uncomfortable. This workshop explores what creates intimacy and relationship onstage and off, helps us solidify our personal boundaries, and provides tools to create connection and intimacy onstage. 

Level: One year or more of experience.