Inbal Lori is a graduate of Jerusalem art high school 1994 and Nisan Nativ acting studio (2000).
Since then she has been writing and acting for television and theatre. She has won prizes and scholarships.

She’s improvising since 2001 and performed in Tel Aviv with her group 3FALLING. In 2013 Inbal opened an improv school in Tel Aviv called “IMPRO TLV” with improviser Rod Ben Ze’ev.

Since moving to Berlin, she is performing and teaching regularly all over Europe.

All sessions by Inbal Lori:

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14:30 - 17:30
Playing Politics

3 hours  

27 September - Friday

10:30 - 17:30 - two days 
Duo Work

2 - day Intensive 

Starts 28 September - Saturday

Ends 29 September - Sunday

10:30 - 17:30
Get Personal

6 hours  

26 September - Thursday

Workshops Description:

NEW Playing Politics - 3 hours

The world is changing fast and often we are not sure what we are “allowed” to do on stage and what is “inappropriate”. We find ourselves facing questions like:  * How do we tackle political, racial, gender issues in improvisation? * How do we play the bad guys and/ or people who are different from us?   * What do we have to say and how do we avoid propaganda while saying it? * How do we keep our improvisation playful and funny while tackling such topics? If you are interested in making relevant, meaningful, thoughts evoking improvisation – this workshop is for you! 


SOLD OUT Duo Work - 12 hours



Ever dreamed of doing a show with only one more person? You should – it’s one of the most fun things! The workshop explores ways for two people to be together on stage while moving from scene to scene, from one character to the other. It will explore ways to move a story forward or create a collage of moments. It will explore the give and take, the tension and flow, the Ying and Yang of duo work.


How to specify and personalize your impro. Whatever the scene is about, whomever you play – you need to personalize and specify whatever you do in order to stay convincing, believable and charismatic. In this workshop we will work on how to find your character’s story, world, moods and relationships. In other words: We will personalize your choices so that you will have more depth, tension and fun in your scenes.