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Stage Fighting

6 hours  

8 September - Thursday

10:30 - 17:30

Tableau Vivant

3 hours  

10 September - Saturday

10:30 - 13:30

Workshops Description

Stage Fighting - 6 hours

Getting into a fight scene is always complicated and strange, but that’s only because of lack of exercise and fear of getting ourselves or others actually hurt! But, once we discover the fun in stage fighting, we’ll become daredevils and pirates cherishing those epic moments of action.

This workshop focuses on stage fighting and how to gradually and naturally come to it and make it all look credible without too much effort. Though, some small amount of effort will be required. Whether it’s about sword fighting techniques, fist fighting, pillow fighting or simply taking in a punch or a fall, this workshop is meant to give you the necessary tools to use in case you need them.


And it also focuses on coherently identifying and constructing the tension in a scene. This way, you’ll make sure that, next time you’re gearing up for an all-out brawl, you’ll stop hesitating and do the thing you’ve always wanted: start swingin’!


Tableau Vivant - 3 hours

Tableau vivant is a show format meant to explore the life of a painting, by zooming into and out of each of its’ details.


And this workshop is meant to teach you the very structure of it! While doing so, you’ll learn more about creating powerful images, creating strong and meaningful relationships on stage and also impersonating objects.


At the end, you’ll look at paintings in a different way. 


Delia Riciu is a professional actress and improviser in Bucharest, Romania.


She was first introduced to improv while in acting school, 14 years ago.


She performed as a member in Comedypunctshow  for 4 and a half years, before moving on and founding the only women improv group called iELE.


She was part of Recul and Improteca, improv theatres in Romania and she’s also a member of Jinx, a group with which she dives into the depths of slow improv.


She’s also certified trainer, teaching beginner and intermediate courses.