Bogdan is the artistic director of Recul theatre since 2015, a theatre mainly focused on improvisation theatre.
Fell in love with improv back in 2009 and continued to improve his performance and teaching skills through thousands of hours of shows and workshops both in Romania and abroad.

He has worked with most improvisers in Romania and continue to develop the improv community through teaching and performing all over the country.

He know improv makes the world a better place because he has witnessed the improvement of hundreds of people both in corporate training and open classes.

Worked with: Sean Cusick, Lisa McQueen, Mick Napier, Joe Bill, Tim Orr, Andel Sudik, Tim Paul, Johem Meijer, Flavien Reppert, Menelaos Prokos, Nick Byrne, Sasha Hoedemaker, Phil Lunn, Charna Halpern. 


All sessions by Bogdan Untila:

14:30- 17:30 
In Your Head

3 hours 

26 September - Wednesday

10:30- 13:30


3 hours 

27 September - Thursday

Workshops Description:

In your head - 3 hours

Every scene, every show begins in your head, why not use it?
Trying to get out of your head is like telling yourself "calm down" in the middle of a panic attack. It doesn't really work. It mostly boils down to the battle between your amygdala and your neocortex.
So why not use the neocortex while you are there?
Beginning with the clear and rational UCB scene structure and continuing with the warm, magic touch of the iO.
What you learn: establishing the scene rationally having a clean structure and beginning the immersive journey in the worlds that you and your partner create.

Constant individual feedback throughout the entire workshop.

Diagnosis - 3 hours

all levels of experience

You may or may not know where you stand as an improviser, but you certainly know how you feel. You may feel more comfortable leading or following. Starting a scene or supporting it. Diving in with words, emotions, actions or unusual proposals. How about knowing exactly what you feel comfortable with and what you need to work on or manage rationally.
After a while of rapid free scenes, we will establish what you, as an individual like and what you don't undertake so often. Afterward, we begin work on the areas you would like to explore more frequently.
Constant individual feedback throughout the entire workshop.orkshop