Alan is Polish actor - a member of KTO Theatre for over 10 years, a member of a cabaret group PUK.

His improv journey started over 10 years ago, which makes him one of the first improvisers in Poland. He is a member of AD HOC Group from Cracow and Artistic Director of International Improv Festival – ImproFest.

For four years he has also been a member of Ohana – a European Improv Project.

He has run over 100 workshops with improvisers, actors, and amateurs.


All sessions by Alan Pakosz:

16:00 - 19:00 
Three people is not a crowd – group scenes

3 hours 

27 September - Thursday

10:30- 13:30

Building characters with details

3 hours 

29 September - Saturday

Workshops Description:

Three people is not a crowd – group scenes - 3 hours

If  you played in a scene in which there were more than two improvisers and you felt that it was too much,  you are more than welcome to join this class! We will work on group scenes – how to listen to each other, how to move the focus of a scene, how to make everybody important, and how to make group characters. More than two people on the stage are a crowd? Not anymore!

Semi advanced/advanced level

Building characters with details – multidimensional characters - 3 hours

Small detail can change everything. You can build your characters using very simple tools. You can also pick a very specific detail and build the whole character on it. You will learn how to change your characters quickly and how a character that you picked can live in every story.

Semi advanced/advanced level